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Our Mission

To dynamically create solutions to issues affecting the misrepresented people for the Chicagoland area.

Fresh Vision Group aims to dynamically create solutions for issues affecting the misrepresented people in the Chicago land area . We bring a positive and Fresh approach to the City of Chicago by creating innovative programs and initiatives while highlighting the creativity and essence of the city through overall community welfare, technology, the arts and entrepreneurship

Our Story

Fresh Vision Group is a human services 501(c) 3 not for profit organization located in Chicago IL that diligently works to solve as many issues as possible that the city faces and transcend the volunteer experience while doing so. The organization puts together various programs such as “Feed The City” that prepares and distributes lunches to the homeless on a weekly basis. Fresh Vision Group also brings awareness to the community with their monthly “Good in the Hood: Neighborhood Spotlight “ segment that highlights other individuals and businesses within the community that have impacting positive initiatives and programs to uplift Chicago.

With Fresh Vision Group’s humble roots originating from the south side of Chicago, the organization seeks out to change the negative image that the urban community often receives. FVG promotes a “Thinking Outside the Box” lifestyle approach to creating initiatives in solving issues. The organization also plans to highlight the city of Chicago’s art culture and growing technology scene while promoting the importance of entrepreneurship within the community. The organization's community service appeal for many volunteers is amplified from a “Millennial Perspective” by incorporating many millennial past times for community causes such as happy hour events, “Taco Tuesday Nights”, etc… This gives Fresh Vision Group’s experience a fun and innovative twist. These type of events help cultivate a family atmosphere among its members and volunteers.


Meet The Team


LeRoi J Catlin Jr

Co-Founder / President

LeRoi J Catlin Jr is an Information Technology Professional and Real Estate Investor in the Chicagoland and Milwaukee, WI area who was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. LeRoi is a product of the Chicago Public School System and has a passion for giving back and reciprocating the initiatives that were exposed to him at an early age in which has contributed to his continued success. He is a graduate of Illinois State University with a B.S in Computer Information Systems. His college experience taught him a great deal about life and exposed him to countless community service projects through his fraternity work as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Post graduation LeRoi spent 5 years with Discover Financial Services as a Business Technology Project Manager and Release Coordinator before starting his own Real Estate Investment Company in which he continues to grow through strong relationships and strategic partnerships. Keeping a positive spirit and uplifting others has become a passion of his and reflects in his leadership. LeRoi takes a “Thinking Outside the Box” approach to handling many of life’s obstacles in which the “Fresh Vision” Brand was born. Some of LeRoi’s passions consist of Traveling, business, new tech gadgets, community and family.


Kevin Savage

Co-Founder / Vice President

Kevin Savage is an aspiring firemen and paramedic. When he is not studying or helping others, he can be found living out his hoop dreams or reliving his past grid iron glory. Kevin is an energetic go getter, who hopes to one day follow in the footsteps of Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., and other pioneers in championing new reform on socioeconomic issues.

Kevin studied political science at Illinois State University, where his passion for human rights bloomed. While there he was a member of several organizations that sought resolutions to issues regarding: race relations, poverty, wealth distribution, and improving the educational system. Born on the south side of Chicago, Kevin has seen firsthand the devastation of gun violence and drug abuse. Through Fresh Vision he hopes to bring an end to these issues and more.


Michael Dockery

Media Director

Michael Dockery grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago. He first started volunteering at his dad’s non-profit football camp annually. Michael has continued volunteering with the Calumet City Park District for over 10 years, mostly helping out with kids.

Michael graduated from Rich South High School and continued his education at the University of Missouri- Columbia graduating with a bachelor's degree in textile apparel management. Michael plans to continue volunteering and giving back to the city through Fresh Vision Group.


Ah'saki "Kii" Taylor

Creative Director

Ah’saki Taylor was born on the South side of Chicago. Graduate of Oak Lawn Community High School later attending South Suburban Community College for 3 years where she studied Business Management and Early Childhood Education. She's 1 of 7 silblings. She will be a part of her family's first generation of college graduates. Kii' enjoys open mic sessions, traveling, outdoor activities, volunteering, baking, spending time with her loved ones and poetry. Kii' is the Founder and CEO of Kween's View & Co., Illinois Real Estate Agent, poet, youth mentor, event coordinator, and an array of everything phenomenal! Walking in the footsteps of giants and her personal role models Angela Davis, Lisa Nichols, Maya Angelou, Beyoncé and Malcolm X.

As an adolescent Kii’ was taught that “If they don't give you a seat at the table, to bring a folding chair”. Fresh Vision Group, is her folding chair. Fresh Vision Group has given her a platform to be the change in the world she wishes to see. Her mission is to restore humanity in society, beginning with the forgotten. Kii’ commits to speaking life, nourishing, loving, being a role model for the youth, being empathetic, and pouring compassion into every living creative she crosses paths with. She plans to challenge the world on the way they see some of the impoverished communities. Kii’ uses her platforms to raise awareness to issues that directly affect the people around her, when they seem to go unnoticed. Kii’ is the perfect combination of Kween and warrior. One of her favorite quotes is "If there is not struggle, there is no progress" –Frederick Douglas


Tristion McDowell


Tristion Mcdowell completed his undergraduate studies at Western Illinois University and followed that with his MBA at Chicago's own National Louis University. Tristion is a husband to a beautiful wife, son to two loving parents as well as a sibling to a brother and sister.

He has held several titles throughout his professional and personal career but, by far his favorite is "UNC" which was given to him by his niece. Tristion joined Fresh Vision Group in the fall of 2016 because he saw the needs that weren't being met in his community. His goal in his role at FVG is to change the way people see Chicago one good deed at a time. “Spread Love”.


Ashley Sterling


Ashley Sterling is the secretary for Fresh Vision Group. She was raised by a single mother of two on the south side of Chicago. Ashley graduated from Oak Lawn Community High School. Then continued her education at East West University.

She is the Vice President of Kween's View, and a youth mentor. Ashley joined Fresh Vision Group because she seen the need in her community and saw FVG as the tool to make a change. Ashley's overall goal is to help, encourage, inspire, and motivate everyone around her.




The food is gathered and prepared fresh the same day by volunteers.


All of the contents are neatly wrapped in plastic and placed in a brown paper bag with necessary utensils.


We personally go out and hand deliver out the bags to those in need.


The #FeedTheCity initiative debuted on September 7th 2016. It began as a way to combat the alarming hunger rates in Chicago. Starting with just 15 bags, it has quickly grown to 300 bags being prepped and delivered weekly and increasing.


#FeedTheCity looks to fight hunger while also providing cheer and uplift to its patrons. The weekly gatherings have cultivated a family atmosphere for millennials to come out and socialize; all while doing a good deed. It has become a Sunday staple and an excellent way to start the work week! We hope to see you there!


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