Charles Preston “Church on the 9”

October 31st, 2017
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Charles Preston


Residence: Southsider by  way of California

Age: 27

Title: Activist/Church on  the 9 Curator

Inspiration: Black Panthers and David Ellis (artist)

3 words : “Loud, Thoughtful, Community-Oriented”

Church on the 9

Church on the 9 was started by Charles Preston in 2016 as a community open mic to give artists a chance to express themselves in their own “hood”. The event is held every Sunday
on 79th street outside, which is where the name Church on the 9 comes from. Artists can come out and express themselves creatively whether it be songs, freestyles, or spoken word. Charles prides himself on being a revolutionary and giving back to the people. His future plans for Church on the 9 is to expand and move the event inside while still keeping it free for everyone to attend. Charles has a positive outlook on Chicago that everyone
should have., drawing inspiration from the good and the bad in Chicago. “Chicago is a land of people doing something. A lot of people history making even if we don’t hear
about them”- direct quote from Charles. From my experience actually getting to check out a Church on the 9 this is a great event that is shedding a good light on a troubled 79th
street. Church on the 9 is held every other Sunday at 7pm, on 79th and Cottage Grove.

Activism/Other ventures

. Charles is a part of the Save CSU initiative and organized many demonstrations, protests,
and fundraisers to save Chicago State University.
. Charles also is working with Assata’s Daughters on a boy’s program mentoring the youth.
. Charles is a published writer for the Chicago Defender.

“We all from the city. Don’t Nobody run the city– G. Herbo”