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September 18th, 2017
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“If you’re going to worry, don’t pray. If you’re going to pray, don’t worry.”




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“Spiritual, Passionate, Energetic”

Crystal Clear Tutoring, LLC.


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“I teach to help, not to profit off of people… What’s most important to me is that families like mine could afford my services” – Raven Smith



Let’s talk about the power of positive reinforcement. Let’s talk about the resilience of millennials and the true meaning of devotion. Let’s talk about turning trials into tribulations and how one person’s vision can impact the masses. Raven Smith, one of Chicago’s very own Southside natives, continues to serve the community a fresh plate of hope and confidence. Crystal Clear Tutoring, LLC provides affordable 1-on-1 tutoring to anyone in need. Crystal Clear is unique, in that, tutors travel to meet their students at convenient locations, whether that’s near the student’s home or near school, and sessions are based on the student’s availability. The objective is to make tutoring services accessible for all students, from all economic backgrounds, even those that may be involved with extra-curricular activities outside of school.


   “I teach to help, not to make a huge profit off of people… What’s most important to me is that families like mine can afford my services.”


With a familiar story that many of us can relate to, Raven was challenged in ways she never had been by the STEM curriculum at Northwestern University. Instilling core principles and teaching her to never accept the word “No”, Raven’s mother provided constant motivation, which helped her prosper during a time when Raven questioned her ability to succeed. Raven’s faith keeps her grounded and enables her to face any struggles that arise in her life. “God has never led me astray; if I would’ve acknowledged this as a 16 year old, it would’ve saved me some pimples!” Raven is the true definition of a humanitarian and a testament to the power of faith.  


“I used to force myself to learn concepts, in order to pass a test. Now I embrace teaching concepts that I used to shy away from, so that my students can pass their tests!”


Crystal Clear Tutoring representatives are present during report card pick-up at schools throughout the Chicagoland area every year, offering an immediate alternative resource to parents. Crystal Clear offers a plethora of standardized test prep enrichment for tests, including SAT, ACT, NWEA, and ACT Aspire, as well as, everyday homework help. The inspiration behind Crystal Clear Tutoring, LLC is that Raven was not always able to master concepts just by looking at them; she often had to work harder than most to keep up and wants to serve as a resource for students who learn similarly.  Understanding that every student is unique and learns differently, Raven encourages tutors to be versatile and teach in a way that to fits that particular student’s learning style.   


“You need to walk into a session with 12 different ways of teaching a concept, in case style A, B, C, D, etc. aren’t getting through to your student.”


Raven hopes to expand Crystal Clear within the next 5 years, to the point where tutors will be able to sustain full-time positions within the company. Her goal is to be able to supplement the education of as many students as possible! Recently, Raven implemented Crystal Clear’s High School Intern Program, enabling her to offer tutoring sessions at a fraction of the cost, while employing some of Chicago’s brightest youth.


“I never set out to start a tutoring company… I was fulfilled just being able to help students in my spare time. Now, I’m able to channel my energy into what I’m truly passionate about – teaching.”


(Pictured Above; Raven Smith  and Crystal Clear Tutoring Staff)