Hasani Henderson “#TheTakeBackChi”

July 26th, 2017
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“Purpose, Identity & Service”











Issa Vibe:

Aug 5th 12-5pm

Ellis Park

707 E. 37th St.

Chicago, IL 60653



“It’s Important To Show People That The South Side Can Get Down, Be Safe And Have A Great Environment For The Kids, Without The Violence That Chicago Is Stereotyped To Be”


With great pride we want to shine a light on Hasani Henderson. He’s native to Chicago, South side (all day). This king is full of great energy, humanity equipped with a hustle that won’t stop! Hasani graduated from Mouzzi, in 2016, and has taken on the responsible of turning the city’s cries into smiles with his annual “The Take Back Chi” fest. The Take Back Chi, has been going strong for 4 years now, come August 2017! His inspiration came from losing a close friend, Darius Brown whom was gunned down in a park, in broad day light. Fed up after seeing so many people talk about the issues in Chicago, making no efforts to aid, he realized it was up to him to take his city back!


“We’re not what the media portrays us to be there is so much beauty in Chicago. There are so many hidden gems and things that produce love here, and you should never give up on your city”


Hasani’s goal was to create a day for children throughout the city to come together before the new school year to enjoy life. Reminding the youth of the love, the city has to give. This massive back to school fest, continues to gain momentum bringing over 800 people together in 2016. During this fest with the help of sponsors, Hasani was able to give out free school supplies and meals to every child in attendance! Hasani has redirected the attention of the city that’s mourning from the senseless acts of violence, gun violence and lack of resources to a day of happiness and love. Giving the community a much-needed reset before another school year.


“This is home, and there is nothing like Chicago. Always understand/remember that we’re better than what they say we are”


In the next 5 years, Hasani is looking to expand his annual event to all of underserved areas in Chicago and eventually throughout the country. In addition to The Take Back Chi, he will be producing a number of fundraisers to help fund his charitable projects. If you’d like to collobarate or help his cause connect with him, using one of the methods provided (under his picture). When you see his name or organization please take a few moments to share it / repost it on your platform, to help his efforts in restoring the city’s integrity, heritage, and faith for a better Chicago.


“There’s so much that I want to tell my city, most important being,    

Love yourself”